Smart Badge Holder wins an award at Cartes in Asia

Last updated: 19 March 2014

Wow! Our first time at Cartes in Asia and we won an award!

Woman wearing a smart badge holder
Smart badge holder being used to login to PC

Cartes in Asia is the little brother (or sister, if you prefer) of the Cartes show in Paris, historically the most important smart card trade show. This is its second edition, taking place in Hong Kong, and Gemalto won a Sesame award for our Smart Badge Holder.

The Smart Badge Holder is an active badge holder which communicates wirelessly with smartphones and other devices including workstations.  As long as you are near the device you want to use, your badge credentials can be used; when you move away, you are logged out because you are out of range. So when you pick up your smartphone, you can access corporate resources over a VPN. If you’re a health worker, you can dash away from a workstation in a hospital knowing that the data on screen will be locked. We believe that security has to go hand in hand with convenience and ease of use, and we are pleased that the Sesame committee has recognized our innovation.

Visitors looking at demos
Visitors on the stand at Cartes in Asia

The Smart Badge Holder isn’t the only star of the show.  Yvonne Lim, who manages the team organizing our booth, called me a few hours ago to say that there was a lot of interest in our display cards (PDF – 942 KB) on the booth. Overall the booth has been well-visited with many people staying to look at one or more of the six demos on the stand.