Safer surfing for Singaporean school kids

Last updated: 19 March 2014

We’ve started sponsoring an initiative with Singapore’s National Crime Prevention Council to promote a safer internet experience for the nation’s children. Singapore is one of the most connected places in the Asia (and also one of our R&D hubs) with high penetration of broadband and mobile Internet. For anyone who’s been to the ultra-modern city state, that’s not particularly suprising as it has one of the highest concentrations of hi tech firms outside of Silicon Valley and acts as a hub for business in South East Asia.

CyberoniaConsequently Singaporean society has very tech-savvy kids with 98% of 7-14 year olds accessing the web at least once per year. While web use and technology uptake differs per country there are still the same risks in terms of viruses, privacy of personal photos (just think of the 2.5bn photos uploaded to Facebook every month) and cyber-stalking.

Last Friday, 8th April we kicked off our partnership with the NCPC with their launch of the Cyberonia game for all 11 year old school children in the country. This online educational game aims to help children and their parents learn about cyber-security while playing on the web. Through Cyberonia they will be taught about aspects of the online world such as cyber-bullying, safe social networking and gaming. This hands-on approach will help them identify potential risks and give them safety tips.

We believe that a small amount of information and education can go a long way in helping people have safer and simpler online and mobile services. This was why we partnered on Cyberonia and is also why we launched our digital security advice website More info on the initiative can be found here.