Top tips for a multi-layered authentication scheme

Last updated: 19 March 2014

Layer cake
Multi-layered approach

Thinking about adding extra security to your network access? Not sure when to go beyond OTP? Want something stronger for your CEO and IT Managers but heard it is complicated? Here are our 4 top tips for a multi-layered approach:

  1. Start with certificate-based authentication for populations that have access to sensitive data like system administrators (super users in your IT infrastructure), executives, board members, finance, and HR.
  2. For data stores where sensitive or personal private information is stored – certificate based strong authentication provides the access protection you need.
  3. For data transfer of sensitive information (think Wikileaks), certificate based authentication provides encrypted email that works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook
  4. OTP adds additional security over user name and password but isn’t as strong as a certificate-based scheme. However, it could be used for less critical needs such as securing remote access to email or contractor access for example.

Are there any other tips readers would like to share or that they have found useful in protecting their sensitive information?

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