Stuck abroad with no money?

Last updated: 19 March 2014

Picture the scenario: you’re on a beach on an extended holiday lapping up the sun, your blood pressure level is back to normal, you can’t remember the last time you woke up before 8am, the stress of the office and everyday life is far behind you. How relaxing, right?

Then your smartphone buzzes with a reminder – it’s your best friend’s wedding and you’re the best man. How do you get back to reality in time for the wedding? Especially when you realised your money has run out, you have to overcome travel issues, find an outfit, get a shave AND find a present in time?

This is our new video which sums up all the aspects of our lives that Gemalto touches, helping Joe make it to the wedding in time. Drawing on NFC technology, secure and fast bank transfers courtesy of his parents, some nifty authentication and mobile commerce, Joe sprints across different countries (and draws on help far away) in record speed aided by his smartphone and the supporting technologies.

It’s a great example of where technology touches our lives, encompassing many of the areas of our business and where we help facilitate a secure, yet convenient digital lifestyle.

Let us know your thoughts on this as well as your predictions for how this might look in ten years’ time. In the meantime, we’re going to ensure that all these technologies are as secure and convenient as they can possibly be. And hope that Joe makes it to the wedding in time.

(Of course, in our view, if you forget your best friend’s wedding, you probably shouldn’t be best man.)