Ready, Steady, Dip: U.S. bloggers take on the EMV for a Week Challenge

Last updated: 11 February 2016

It’s been roughly five months since the EMV liability shift took place, but while consumers hear plenty about the move to a more secure in-store payment method, many have yet to actually use an EMV card.

Starting this Saturday and extending into next week, we’re taking an in-depth look at real-world experiences with EMV technology via our EMV for a Week Challenge. What will we learn? Stay tuned…

During the challenge, four bloggers will spend the week attempting to complete 10 everyday shopping tasks and will report on the support – or lack thereof – for EMV technology in their communities. They’ve been tasked with documenting which of the businesses they frequent have EMV readers, how many are accepting transactions, and how long transactions take to complete. We hope to find out how the EMV shift has impacted shoppers’ experiences and what remains to be done to reach EMV ubiquity as we reach the six month marker.

Our four participants all cover financial security, personal finance, and credit and debit issues. They live and work in varied communities – from Boston to the Midwest to Hawaii – and we’ve asked them to encourage discussion among audiences on their blogs and social media channels. You can search for the #ChipAwayAtFraud hashtag to keep tabs or contribute to those conversations, or follow along via this blog or @Gemalto_NA on Twitter.

Whoever finishes all 10 tasks first will win the challenge. In addition to bragging rights, we’ll be making a $400 donation on their behalf to a charitable organization of their choice. Fin the four participants in the EMV for a Week Challenge, their websites and Twitter handles, and the charities they’ve chosen.


Damian Davila – Foundation

Holly Johnson – Society for Hamilton County

Maryalene LaPonsie – Arrow Project

Robert Siciliano – Children’s Hospital