Hello! The Telecom blog is open for business

Last updated: 11 April 2014

Welcome to the Telecom blog, we hope you’ll find it interesting. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how it develops and in fact when we heard that Gemalto was launching a blog we did some serious lobbying to ensure we had our own home. Partly this is because social media and Telecoms go hand in hand and also because we felt we had a lot to say and even more to learn from the potential conversations with mobile aficionados.

Our main areas of focus will be around our core business which include:

This is what we know best but the list is far from exhaustive as it will grow over time with the changes in our fast-paced industry. Oh, and of course we’re open to ideas for discussion threads so leave us your comments and we’ll get our experts to join the conversation. The featured bloggers are all Gemalto employees and experts in their field and we will always aim to get the right person on the site to cover the topic.

Many of our employees have been around since the start of the mobile market as was Gemalto (in many guises) which played an important role in the creation of GSM more than 20 years ago. We still feature strongly on the different industry and standardization bodies (such as 3GPP) which has helped us gain a unique expertise as has our experience with 450 operators as customers around the world.

Some people are stuck in the past and still think we just make SIM cards. While we’re proud of this heritage and have a key hardware security expertise it is increasingly our software platforms such as OTA platforms, mobile banking or device management and the services we offer that are key in our customers’ minds when choosing to work with us.

We’ve kicked off our posts with a focus on NFC and Mobile Marketing as these are key to us and also making noise at Mobile World Congress 2011. As you’ll see we’re pretty flexible and will react to the news during the show and beyond.

To start off the conversation we’ve been in touch with some well known bloggers to find out what their unanswered questions are and will be posting these as they come in over the next week. We’re looking forward to your comments, questions and hopefully lots of exchanges in the near future.