GSMA CEO says machine-to-machine (M2M) key to innovation

Last updated: 11 April 2014

On the Tuesday morning of Mobile World Congress, Rob Conway, GSMA CEO, opened Congress declaring that the mobile industry is entering a ‘third wave of innovation’. Mobile connectivity is becoming part and parcel of everyday life, in business and in our personal lives, helping to create a smarter and more connected lifestyle.

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@TWMarkChambers RT @sparkyj #MWC11 Rob Conway GSMA embedded sims vital 4 future of connected things on M2M – can we make more available multi sim single a/c


@angusrobinson Rob Conway of GSMA, key mobile trends: LTE rollout, embedded SIMs for M2M, NFC for mobile pmt, Rich Comms Suite, WAC for Apps #MWC11


@p_montgomery Rob Conway key themes: Embedded Mobile/M2M; embedded SIM; NFC & SIm solution; New version of RCS, RCSe; WAC launch


@sparkyj #MWC11 Rob Conway CEO GSMA embedded sims are vital for the future of connected things on M2M #mccannMWC

More importantly, he considers developments in machine-to-machine (M2M) central to this innovation.

We wholeheartedly agree. We have developed a dedicated SIM platform specifically for M2M applications to ensure that mobile operators (who, as Rob Conway says, are ‘a huge enabling force behind the connected lifestyle’) can be involved and lead the market.

M2M is also part of our offering, having acquired specialist in cellular M2M communication modules Cinterion, with the launch of the world’s smallest LGA (Land Grid Array) module for M2M solutions for use in small M2M devices such as personal tracking units and portable medical devices in the health sector.

Here’s to more innovation and more connected lifestyles. Who knows what else is yet to be announced in this field…