Let’s play smart darts!

Last updated: 11 April 2014

We all know that sport and technology are becoming ever more closely aligned. Think video referees, ‘hawk eye’ and goal-line technology for just some examples. But here’s one that’s yet to appear on ESPN… Smart Darts.

This week at Mobile World Congress, Gemalto will be showcasing an innovative new use for its Java Concept Board, using the technology to power a smart dartboard which processes and logs players’ scores before sending them via a cellular network to a server. Players register to play by sending an SMS to the M2M module, and their scores are then logged, and also tweeted from a dedicated Twitter handle, @GemaltoMWC.

So far, the standard of darts has left a lot to be desired, with a score of 27 from three darts currently topping the leaderboard. With a maximum possible score of 180darts compressed there’s plenty of room for improvement. But we’re only two hours into a four-day conference, so there’s also lots of time left for attendees to hone their skills.

Smart darts is just one of a number of M2M use cases on show at Gemalto’s MWC stand. So why not swing by (Hall 5, Stand A80), step up to the oche and see if you can score higher than 27!