Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz: Can you spot tech reality from science fiction?

Last updated: 17 October 2014

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology is getting more column inches than ever thanks to an explosion of news about the Apple Watch, and more generally, the way that wearable technology and home automation technology is making the internet of things a reality.

Most of us know about the huge potential health and fitness apps have to play in helping us use data analytics to improve our health and well-being… but how much do you know about how similar M2M technology is currently transforming a range of diverse industries and helping them refine their operations to the point of optimum performance and omniscient knowledge?

What if we told you that city councils use M2M technology to ‘communicate’ with waste bins so they know when to empty them, car manufacturers use it to design cars that can remember the dimensions of individual drivers and alter the seat and driving profile to their preferences before they sit down, and NFL football teams use it to track ‘live’ player data from smart helmets to asses head injuries from tough tackles. Would you believe us?

Machines ‘talking to each other’ open up a world of connected possibilities. Last year we explored the concept of truly ‘smart cities’ and designed an infographic that gave you a glimpse of the near future. Much of this innovation is made possible through secure M2M technology, so now, a year later, we’re asking the question, can you spot the M2M fact from the M2M fiction?

Answer the 10 questions below and prove once and for all that you’re more of a future-gazing visionary than your colleagues. Keen to learn more? Keep reading the blog as we’ll explore each quiz question in more depth over the next few weeks.

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