Young IoT innovators will shape the future of communication and modern living

Last updated: 14 November 2019

A recent article from Nick Booth at M2M Now has brought a pressing issue for the IoT/M2M world to our attention. As the M2M sector ventures towards becoming a $945billion industry by 2020 (estimated by the Economist Intelligence Unit), problems could arise from a lack of skills.

In short, we need more IoT Makers for the future development of M2M. As Nick points out correctly, according to Bloomberg, there are 750,000 ‘digital’ jobs that need filling in London alone. It seems the M2M world is growing so rapidly, we can’t train up enough people quickly enough to meet the demand for talent in this sector. We must become better at knowledge sharing and training in order to address this.

Nick also mentioned that in his youth he was never inspired by the idea of programming; it seems that enthusiasm for coding can come later in life. This highlights the crux of the problem we face; we must inspire the young potential ‘makers’ and developers so we can ensure the future of M2M is everything we hope it can be; the possibilities are endless, as long as we keep pushing the boundaries. Brilliant young minds, such as 15 year old Kenneth Shinozuka (who created a device to help the caretakers of Alzheimer’s disease all over the world), need to be championed in an effort to inspire more innovation from our young people. If we all put in the hard work now to pass on our M2M knowledge and educate the future makers, we’ll undoubtedly reap the benefits when we’re sitting back and relaxing in our super-connected M2M cities of the future.

This is part of the reason why our #IoTMaker challenge has been created. Not only are we trying to reach developers and makers of today, we’re also trying to reach out those who will design the future of communication and living. The knowledge and potential is out there, we just need to harness and nurture it. Hopefully, this challenge will be a perfect start for those who want to test and improve their M2M skills.

For a reminder on how to enter the challenge and be in with a chance of winning one of our Cinterion Concept boards or an iPhone 6, please visit the competition landing page here, or just tweet @Gemalto #IoTmaker with your idea ahead of the deadline, now extended to 30th November. You can check out some of the ideas being discussed online here.