IoT idea: The swear jar that invoices you

Last updated: 14 November 2019

We’ve had some great submissions for the IoT Maker challenge so far, and one of them that caught my eye (for many reasons) came from Danno Ferrin (@shemnon) via Twitter. Danno’s innovation involves using the Internet of Things to hook up an ‘always on’ swear jar that can recognize when you swear and ‘invoice you’ the bill every time your language gets the better of you!

We liked this idea so much that we decided to visualize it in our customary Gemalto orangeprint style.

Share your ideas with us on Twitter using #IoTMaker and you could win a brand new iPhone 6 or a Gemalto Cinterion Concept Board. What’s more, we’re planning to take the two best ideas and build them for real for the world to see at Mobile World Congress in 2015.

Update: The entry window for the IoT Maker challenge has now closed, stay tuned to the blog for more information.