IoTMaker Inspiration: 40 amazing IoT solutions to make up a trillion dollar market

Last updated: 01 December 2014

It’s been claimed that The Internet of Things will generate $14,400,000,000 of value over the next decade and that there’ll be more devices than people on the internet in 2020. This is mind boggling; it’s a game-changing amount of money and a stunning number of devices. It takes a moment to process the number of devices being discussed here; IDC estimates there will be approximately 212 billion connected ‘things’ by the end of 2020. It seems the IoT revolution is only in its infancy; who knows what the IoT might look like by 2050 and beyond?

However, perhaps we shouldn’t focus too much on the future on this occasion; we’ve got some brilliant IoT devices in action today that deserve attention. Whilst there might be 212 billion devices in five years’ time, we mustn’t forget the great innovations that have popped up over the last few years. To help celebrate the best of the IoT so far, Vala Afshar, CMO of Extreme Networks, has put together this slide show of 40 IoT solutions.

[slideshare id=38147566&doc=internet-of-things-slideshare-140819153732-phpapp01]

Hopefully our five favorites from this selection, listed below, will help inspire you to become an IoTMaker; we’re searching for the best ideas for the IoT and we’re keen to hear from you. Feel free to tweet us your IoTMaker proposal with the hashtag #IoTMaker. It’s worth a shot; you could win an iPhone 6 or one of our own Cinterion Concept Boards. And if your idea impresses our judging panel, which includes the 1st Chairman of the M2M Alliance, Eric Schneider, you could see your idea become reality. Just make sure you enter quickly, the deadline for the challenge is this Sunday 30th November at midnight.

So, without further ado, here are our top five picks from Afshar’s selection:-

  1. We love connected plants at Gemalto (those of you who’ve seen Horst will know this), so we had to pick Niwa, the first fully automated hydroponic system that attends to all of your plants’ needs – as seen on slide 11.
  2. Canary, the smart home security system, is a brilliant way to monitor your home on your phone. It also looks like a good way to check on your pets – see slide 14.
  3. Sleep is important; we all need it, and we probably all need more of it. The Smart Sleep System from Withings tracks and can help improve your sleep cycles. It even allows you to control personalized wake-ups! Check it out on slide 21.
  4. Smart garbage cans are a great idea; we’ve covered them before on our blog. This time, they’ve made the cut again – see the BigBelly alerts system on slide 31.
  5. Soon, we won’t need old fashioned keys cut out of steel – the smart doorlock from Genie Smart Lock is a sign of the future, allowing you to lock and unlock your home using your smart phone or Bluetooth keyring. You can check it out on slide 37.

What do you think of our top five picks? Let us know @Gemalto or leave a comment in the section below – and don’t forget to get your IoTMaker entries in before the competition closes this weekend!

Update: The entry window for the IoT Maker challenge has now closed, stay tuned to the blog for more information.