IoT Maker Challenge: It could be you

Last updated: 12 December 2014

Avid readers of the blog will know we’ve been running a competition to find the next big thing in the Internet of Things. The IoT Maker challenge is now officially closed for submissions, and we’ve had some fantastic ideas from around the globe.

Open to anyone who had an idea and was able to send us a Tweet, email or blog post comment, the IoT Maker challenge has welcomed everything from concept ideas that could save lives, like the traffic accident detector and smart helmet for bikers to those less dramatic but equally creative, like the swear jar that invoices you.

Blueprints aside, we’ve received over 60 entries via various channels from across Europe, Brazil, Vietnam and beyond! Entrants include IT engineers, Java developers, business graduates, and even one eight (and a half) year old who got his grandmother’s help to email us his idea.

We’ll be shortlisting entries with a panel of esteemed judges over the next few weeks, so if you’ve submitted an idea, or are simply one of the millions of people curious to see what the future holds for the Internet of Things, keep your eyes glued to the blog. Remember, the winning idea will become a reality as our M2M experts work with the winner to develop a proof of concept ahead of Mobile World Congress 2015!