Best of the IoT Twitterverse from November

Last updated: 14 November 2019

Naturally we keep a close eye what our M2M friends are saying about the Internet of Things over social media, and the last month has been jam-packed with interesting insights. Many of which may come in handy for those playing around with ideas on how to use our Cinterion Concept Board to develop the next big thing in #IoT. With this in mind, and in honor of those who entered our #IoT Maker Challenge, we’ve brought together the best of IoT Twitterverse from November below.

  1.  @NetofEverything who today warned that the UK will miss the Internet of Things boat without a major boost in development. The comments came on the back of a discussion at the London Digital Catapult centre.
  2. @Axalab who shared a fantastic graph showing how the Internet of Things will hit the mainstream by 2020, according to device category. It seems that consumer devices will continue to dominate, but that connected devices in business will become more normal.
  3.   @achillean (aka John Matherly) who created this epic map showing every device in the world that’s connected the internet – spotted by us thanks to @Gizmodo. The red hot spots show where the most devices that can access the internet are located, unsurprisingly in more developed regions of the world. He plans to track how this map changes over time.
  4.  @ThingsExpo, which advised us of the importance of the user experience when developing for the ‘Internet of Things’. Taken from a presentation by Mike Kunisavksy, Principle Scientist. Innovation Services at PARC at the Internet of @ThingsExpo earlier this month, he claims that we need to create experiences that go beyond simple connected gadgets to create, lasting, multi-device experiences grounded in people’s real needs and desires. You can download his presentation in more detail here. I say “here, here” Mike!
  5.  @essence_grp prompted us that research was published suggesting that women are more excited about the ‘Internet of Things’ than men. The study showed that 83% of women will embrace “connected living” and actively use it in their lives, compared to 80% of men. Not a huge difference but certainly something to think about when developing connected devices.

For those of you looking for more inspiration, check out some our IoTMaker challenge  entries, such as Thang Nguyen’s traffic accident detector.

For those of who entered the competition, we’re in the process of shortlisting entries with a panel of esteemed judges so keep your eyes glued to the blog. Remember, the winning idea will become a reality as our M2M experts work with the winner to develop a proof of concept ahead of Mobile World Congress 2015!