IoT Maker: the final shortlist

Last updated: 14 November 2019

So, the entries are in and with the help of our judging panel (who we’ll announce shortly) we’ve whittled the #IoTMaker submissions down to a top 15.

Each of these ideas for an exciting new Internet of Things application demonstrates the huge potential for M2M technology to make a real difference in all areas of our lives.

The final shortlist is:

  1. A device that alerts you if you close your front door with the keys still in the lock – from Ángel Martín Soto
  2. A series of monitors placed on bridges to monitor river levels in Genoa – from @assenteismo
  3. Sensors in food courts that detect occupancy and alert new customers about which tables are free – from Carlos Roso
  4. A service for hotel and conference rooms which alerts staff when guests are present so housekeeping can take place without disturbances – from Danno Ferrin
  5. A connected fire extinguisher which automatically calls the emergency services, and the original manufacturer, when it’s used – from @guichabas
  6. A smart pet dish which alerts the owner when they have run out of food or water – from Gustavo
  7. A smart lighting system for the home that uses beacons to detect movement and switch lights on or off depending where people are – from Hubert Gregoire
  8. An intelligent wheelchair which allows remote monitoring of the health of the user and the ambient environmental conditions – from Inácio Francisco Acker
  9. A 3G bushfire alert system using temperature and humidity sensors to help Australian authorities detect bushfires early – from Jason Mitcheson
  10. An automated greenhouse system for indoor plants, using Android to control irrigation and monitor light and temperature remotely – from Mohamed Khalil Zendah
  11. An in-field water and feed sensor which alerts a farmer when either are running low – from Peter Cain
  12. A ‘FitBit’ style collar to track dairy cattle activity and detect estrus remotely, replacing the current manual, labor intensive process – from Peter Cain
  13. A smart door which detects people knocking on it and sends notifications, including photos and voice messages, to the resident inside the house – from Sadek Alaoui
  14. A blind person’s walking stick integrated with an iPhone, so that the user can be located in an emergency, and also to provide street navigation – from Alejandra Gomez
  15. A sensor for cars and motorbikes which monitors the driver’s health and geo-location that notifies the nearest hospital in the event of an accident – from Thang Nguyen

What do you think? Let us know which you like best in the comments, or on Twitter using #IoTMaker. We’ll be announcing the winner, whose idea will be brought to life by our M2M team, and the runners-up in January.