CES 2015’s Internet of Things: More fact than fiction

Last updated: 14 November 2019

Last week was an important one in tech world, with The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking centre stage in Las Vegas. With the Internet of Things (IOT) and M2M technology at the forefront of the show.  Mercedes-Benz unveiled plans to create luxury self-driving connected cars, a prototype activity tracker belt called Belty was launched; as well as a Bluetooth device called Parrot Pot which has in-built sensors that read the level of fertilization, temperature and level of moisture in the soil and notify you when the plan needs water.


Sound familiar? That’s because we talked about a belt-tightening waist-management system and wearable tech for house plants  in our Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction quiz last September. Clearly fact is now becoming more prevalent than fiction!

This surge of M2M consumer devices is exciting and marks the start of the truly connected era, offering huge possibilities for both end-users and those developing products for the market.

Connected devices already have places across multiple vertical sectors as this infographic from Beecham Research shows.

It’s easy to understand why so much investment is happening in IoT innovation when you look at the market projections that show the potential for the market.

With so many potential uses, M2M is arguably the most exciting and creative world to be working in at the moment. Here at Gemalto we’re particularly excited to be uncovering some of the freshest innovations with our IoT Maker Challenge. Stay tuned for the results over the next few weeks.