In detail: the #IoTMaker winning 3G Bushfire Alert System

Last updated: 04 March 2015

Earlier this month we announced the winner and runners-up for the #IoTMaker Challenge, with Jason Mitcheson’s 3G Bushfire Alert System proving to be the judges’ top pick.

As we did previously with other entries to the contest, including a smart bike for motorcycle riders, smart swear jar and traffic accident detector, we’ve mocked up a simple blueprint explaining the idea:

Bushfire AlertOur last post explained why the idea makes so much sense, but here are some of the verdicts from our judging panel:

Tom Cheesewright: “It’s a great idea. It could incorporate a range of sensors (smoke, heat, humidity, optical, wind speed) and provide very rich data at relatively low operational cost.”

Manfred Kube: “With frequent news about bushfires in Australia, Spain and the US, this seems to be a real issue. The technology is readily available and the proposed solution could really help prevent widespread fires by early detection or even preemptive warnings about dangerous conditions.”

Jose Sanchez Santana: “Although its effectiveness in the real-world is yet to be proven, it would solve a very relevant problem for society in warm countries. This stands-out by its viability, since it can be built with the Concept Board plus a few additional components.”

We’re now hard at work turning Jason’s idea into a functioning demo to show off at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be sharing more details when the event kicks off, so make sure you continue to follow the blog and #IoTmaker on Twitter.