MWC 2015 Turning up the heat with our IoTMaker prototype

Last updated: 14 November 2019

As many of you know, we’ve spent the last few weeks busy building a prototype of the idea which won our IoTMaker competition – the 3G Bushfire Alert System. As promised, following our behind-the-scenes look at its construction, here’s the ‘on-the-ground’ view of the demo on our stand 5A80 in Hall 5 at Mobile World Congress. The idea was originally from Jason Mitcheson, who works for Observant in Australia.

Here you can see the inner workings of the device – including a Cinterion® Concept Board with SIM card with active 3G connection, Arduino Sensor Shield YwRobot LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor,  IR Infrared Flame Detection Sensor Module and Humidity Sensor Module SY-HS-230.

Our very own Manfred Kube was at the stand, using a lighter to turn up the heat on the flame sensor – which have been configured to the appropriate level. But then what happens?

The information is transmitted to our SensorLogic platform , which you can see above. It turns the raw data into easily readable, and usable, figures – which can then be used to trigger further action.

The platform also allows you to access information about the “health status” of the Cinterion EHS6 cellular module on the concept board, radio network link stability and geolocation, so you can be sure that the device won’t fail just when you need it most – perfect for those remote, fire prone locations.

Now Barcelona isn’t quite the wilds of Australia but as our demo shows, the right M2M technology and a little imagination could help save lives by speeding up urgent communication.

If you’re interested in putting it to the test yourself, come down to the Gemalto MWC stand 5A80 in Hall 5