Introducing the Intelligence IoT Outlook 2015 report

Last updated: 07 November 2019

What’s your take on the number of connected devices by the year 2020? From Gartner and the GSMA, to E&Y and Machina, everyone has forecast their own projections. So which would you pick? 32, 24, 30 or a mere 14 billion? Whatever your choice, its becoming clear that ignoring the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) could be a grave mistake for any business.

But finding meaningful data about the IoT industry at large is hard. So, for avid readers of our blog, we thought we’d go in search of real insight. In conjunction with Intelligence, today, we are launching the IoT Outlook 2015 report. We hope this report can play some part in helping businesses formulate their IoT strategies and initiatives.

1,000 telecom and enterprise technology professionals were surveyed to give their take on the industry in general, its industrial applications, cellular networking challenges, network security and cloud computing potential.

The report suggests 2020 will be a big year for the IoT. It is when many commentators believe that the applications and infrastructure will have matured to really tap into the promise that we hope it holds today. Here’s a quick preview of just some of the report’s findings:

  1. 62% of service providers will be ready to monetize their IoT investments by 2020
  2. 28% of respondents believe that 40-60% IoT data traffic will pass through cellular networks
  3. 26% respondents believe that between 30-50% of their IoT revenues in 2020 will come from industrial IoT services

We didn’t ask which company would be the undisputed IoT player in 2020, but if we did, we hope most of them would have chosen Gemalto! The Internet of Things seems to be taking hold, with new consumer product releases and industry standards developed every day. We’re really excited by its potential to improve our lives, and help us stay connected securely. So if you’d like to read the full report, please visit IoT Outlook 2015