How can we accelerate IoT innovation?

Last updated: 05 July 2017

IoT Innovation

Good news! Businesses can benefit in all sorts of ways from the IoT. The technology will drive a huge expansion in data, revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Every sector will be affected – manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, you name it. However, the challenge we face is implementing the IoT seamlessly and securely. If the cost of connected technology is too great and complex to deliver, then business leaders could be put off.

If you’re wondering about the precise benefits of the IoT for your business, then here’s a quick breakdown:

Predictive maintenance – save time and money by highlighting problems with equipment immediately rather than waiting for someone to find out

Remote monitoring – monitor your organization’s premises remotely. Facilities management is about to become much easier and convenient

Building management – use sensors to identify inefficiencies and make buildings more environmentally-friendly

Agriculture – use connected technology to better monitor livestock and predict yields

Asset management – monitor your fleet of vehicles and other assets, identifying technical problems and enhancing efficiency

Businesses without intelligent IoT solutions are likely to rely on traditional approaches to technical issues. When something goes wrong, they’ll rely on a service contract to resolve the issue, but this means calling out a maintenance team and wasting time and money. However, the notion of replacing an entire fleet of equipment with connected devices is likely to be off-putting.

Fortunately, there is a way to speed up IoT deployments by installing terminals, modules which can plug into devices and transform them into connected “things”. Bespoke design concepts can take around 18 months to install, but there are more innovative solutions on the market. We recommend the LAN terminal, which can speed up the process, achieving completion within just six months!

Along with installing the right kind of connected module, businesses can take other steps to accelerate IoT deployments. These include rigorous planning, which should involve considering the role of partners, choosing the types of data collection and transmission early and upskilling maintenance teams. Awareness is also crucial; leaders should be prepared to research the IoT landscape and work on building external partnerships. In addition, security has to be a top priority. While data offers opportunities, it can also carry risks, with cyber-attacks becoming increasingly common.

To read more about the challenges associated with IoT implementation and the benefits of Gemalto LAN terminals, read our product pages. Let us know your thoughts on the business potential of the technology by tweeting to us at @GemaltoIoT or by posting a comment below. We’ll also be showing off the LAN terminal at the Smart IoT London event from March 15th-16th!