NTT Docomo starts the LTE race in Japan

Last updated: 20 March 2014

ntt docomo logoLTE is in the news, making headlines – from reviews of the industry’s first LTE phone to our own previous blog posts on LTE in the States, in conjunction with Verizon and AT&T’s commitment to have nationwide 4G LTE coverage by 2013. (See the blog post here.) It’s encouraging to follow the progress that is being made, which is also apparent further afield, namely in Japan.

Although Japan has been in the news after recent tragic events, technological developments are continuing apace. As hinted at by Michelle Donegan (@mpdonegan) in Light Reading last year, NTT DOCOMO has already launched LTE services for ultra-high-speed mobile Internet and full IP networks. Please visit our website for more information and the full announcement.

Focusing on improving network capacity rather than network coverage is especially vital in a densely populated country such as Japan. Gemalto’s involvement provides reliable products that withstand disturbances such as those witnessed this past month in north eastern Japan. We designed an LTE solution with Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (UICC) which are tailored to NTT DOCOMO’s stringent specifications. Its LTE network customers can now rely on the strong security and reliability of the multimedia services that are now on offer.

LTE is happening, it’s evolving fast in different regions globally, and it remains to be seen where this innovative technology will take us in future. We have our own predictions – what do you foresee?