NFC use case – getting coupons from smart-posters and redeeming them

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Most people link mobile NFC directly to payment but as you’ll see in the clip below it creates a complete infrastructure with many use cases (and probably many more we’ve not even thought of yet)

It clearly improves the value proposition for merchants so that they can use NFC for more than payment and in fact as a communication channel with consumers. It will allow them, among other things, to push  marketing and promotional materials such as vouchers using smart posters, billboards etc. that can then be simply redeemed in shops.

This channel can also be used to download content and has already started to feature in marketing campaigns. Earlier this year the release of the “X-Men First Class” movie in the UK was supported by a smart poster campaign whereby users were able to download exclusive trailers (via NFC World).

You can see the full video with all of the use cases here.