Where’s the money in customer experience management?

Last updated: 20 March 2014

What is the most effective channel for customer interaction? Email marketing? Social media? A recent survey we’ve conducted along with Telecoms.com suggests that it could well be mobile marketing – so long as it is used properly!

Almost 90 per cent of operator respondents felt that mobile marketing is important or even essential to a successful loyalty strategy. It’s not hard to see why. Smartphones are everywhere these days, and regular readers of our blog will know SMS marketing is not going away any time soon. Mobile operators can take advantage of the entire mobile market if they can master efficient mobile marketing campaigns as they continue to tap into a relatively young, accessible market.

This is particularly true in Brazil, where a young, time-hungry demographic are more willing than their forbears to share their personal information and engage directly in two-way dialog with a brand.

One of Brazil’s leading mobile operators, Vivo, has been using our Smart Message technology to do just that over the last year, delivering millions of value added mobile services to the country’s mobile phone users. Smart Message campaigns are delivered directly to a device’s idle screen, giving customers a choice to opt-in to receive messages that allow service discovery and subscription in just one click. Over half of the operator respondents agreed that such tools are a real differentiator in developing the customer relationship – and they’re willing to invest heavily to take advantage.

Just think about how much you use your mobile phone: on the train, in the office, in the restaurant or in bed. We’re becoming inseparable from our devices, granting the ultimate opportunity for operators to tap into our time and get to know us better – boosting their personalisation and subsequently their revenue form incentivized consumers. These devices aren’t going anywhere either. In fact, if the SmartWatch trend continues to grow, they may become more attached to us than ever before.

Almost one in five mobile operators have already realised the opportunity and focus more than half their channel efforts into mobile. For these companies, the rewards can come fast in a rapidly developing sector. Take a look at the full survey results to see how you can make the most of these revenue opportunities. Or, for a hard copy, come by our stand at Mobile World Congress in Hall 5 Stand 5G120.