What does Microsoft’s new CEO mean for the IT industry?

Last updated: 21 March 2014

When Microsoft makes an appointment, people listen. For the past few months, rumors have circulated, swirling around, with different names on everyone’s lips. Will the new boss be Ford Motor Co CEO Alan MulallyStephen Elop, perhaps? Well, Microsoft has put an end to the speculation and has appointed its new chief executive, marking one of the biggest pieces of news in the IT industry so far this year.

Indeed, the new leader at the helm of the computing giant is Satya Nadella, who was previously Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. Much has been made of his Indian heritage, the fact he’s only the third CEO at Microsoft in 39 years, how he likes to relax by reading poetry and more. In fact, we want to highlight his experience and leadership in moving Microsoft towards cloud services, which could provide an indication of where he will focus his attention as he takes on the reins.

He has said himself in his first email to Microsoft employees as their new CEO, the company’s early mission was about the PC on every desk and home. Well, we’ve seen how the PC realm has changed, as you can see from our office slider image. Nadella now claims that the emphasis is on a broader range of devices and about making a difference in a ‘software-powered world’.

We are confident that his background in cloud services means that Microsoft will continue to invest in cloud technology, shaping how we do business and interact with each other in a highly connected and always-on world. As a CEO who is an engineer with a business background, Satya Nadella will hopefully not only understand the technology implications and requirements of cloud services but also the economic opportunities.

Having invested in secure cloud computing ourselves, we hope that Microsoft’s focus on furthering this market will help drive this market to demonstrate the possibilities that secure cloud computing offers to us all, whether in our personal or professional lives.

Do you agree? Are you using Microsoft’s cloud services at work? What do you make of Microsoft’s new CEO? Let us know below.