A new parkour game – tried it with NFC?

Last updated: 11 April 2014

As NFC begins to affect our everyday lives, the information we have at our fingertips is being used in an entirely different way. Not only are we saving time by sourcing information quicker than ever before, we’re now using the same devices to implement what we know. We use our smartphones to find the local bus stop, so why not use it to get on the bus? Come to think of it you were probably in such a rush you left your wallet and Oyster card at home anyway.

NFC is all about freeing us up – making purchasing simpler and more straightforward. The art of parkour or ‘free-running’ is the embodiment of movement without obstacle, pause, or thought. To us, it echoes the philosophy of NFC technology and the freedom it allows us every day.

As I’m sure you’ll agree – NFC and M2M technology is helping us all be a bit more like James Bond… we have the gadgets, the smoothness and, we can even get the ladies.