Mobile Marketing in Istanbul

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Greetings from Istanbul, the city that connects Europe with Asia, where we are at the MMA Forum. In the same way that Turkey offers a plethora of experiences and different levels of technological aptitude, we have heard from many brands on the challenges they face when it comes to driving consumer engagement via the ubiquitous and rarely switched off device – the mobile.

As you have no doubt heard from us before, out of all media channels currently available, the mobile has the greatest impact. It can drive the most engagement thanks to its intuitive and interactive experience.

PepsiCo agrees. As Frank Cooper III explained, PepsiCo is placing ever increasing value on the mobile instead of on traditional media. It’s important to not consider mobile just as a channel, but as the connecting tissue for all communications, as it’s the final point of contact with the consumer.

Tibet Soysal at Ford emphasized the importance of intuitive interfaces, including rich media banners or games, whereas Özgür Kölükfakı from Algida Unilever highlighted interactivity as a key criterion in consumer engagement. Integration, interactivity and engagement are vital to mobile campaign success.

Algida should know, as it achieved the perfect integrated approach with its 2012 Magnum campaign. It combined TV with mobile and drove 1.7 million views, over 700,000 IVR calls thanks to engagement with a local celebrity and achieved a social reach of 3.6 million!

Finally, we can’t omit to mention Turkcell, the number one brand in Turkey. For the mobile operator, mobile is the binding ingredient for its brand campaigns. The mobile device isn’t only considered a 1:1 marketing tool and a digital advertising interface, but it’s also a prospecting and targeting tool. The mobile is the product and the binding agent with which Turkcell can ensure fully successful campaigns. We all know how connected Istanbul is, as our Digital Turkey report demonstrates – with new technologies such as NFC, contactless and the digital life made possible via the mobile.

Today’s innovations will be a necessity tomorrow, according to Jonathan Stephen of Jet Blue. Mixing channels to reinforce brand campaign impact is a must. Only through a mixture of apps, rich media content and games, will all players in the mobile marketing value chain (in Istanbul, across Europe and Asia) be able to ensure a continued impact and success.

Do you agree?