Contactless Challenge Day Two: Flowers, Dinner and Vine Oh My

Last updated: 30 September 2015

Day 2


Our intrepid bloggers Kathy Dalton (@KathyDaltonSLC) and Josh Kerr (@JoshKerr) once again roamed the streets of Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX, respectively, in the noble pursuit of completing their Contactless Challenge tasks.

On this second day, Josh emerged victorious, earning 15 points and edging out Kathy’s 14 for the day. But Kathy’s fans and followers need not fear – she is still ahead for the week with a total of 23 to Josh’s 19.

And what a glorious second day it was! Josh painted the town red with his companion Stefi, not only buying dinner at @WholeFoodsATX but also a lovely bouquet.

Watch Josh’s Vine to see how easy paying for flowers was – and see Stefi swoon.

Unfortunately, Kathy encountered a few security thorns that limited her ability to complete payments with her NFC-enabled phone, since it was issued in Austin but was being used in Salt Lake City. However, she was able to quickly meet up with an Isis representative who not only remedied the situation but also facilitated a contactless burrito lunch at @EatBarbacoa and equipped her and the tots with “sweet sunglasses.”

Check out Kathy describing her phone’s security and what she learned about the benefits of contactless.

Both Kathy and Josh began laying the foundation for a strong showing at their local events this Thursday at Whole Foods, tweeting their followers and tempting them with free desert courtesy of Gemalto.

You can join in the fun and ask them questions about their experience during our Twitter chat today, June 12, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. CT using the hashtag #GemaltoNFC. We will be moderating the event from @JustAskGemalto so make sure to follow us for the latest updates!

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